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Hiral Patel
I am a news editor and have been contributing to the AEC industry since last 7 years. I mainly write about the application of BIM across Architecture, MEP and Structural sectors.

  • CPQ provides a user-friendly interface, guided selling recommendations and a variety of configurations that help the sales team in managing product complexity.

    • Cpq For Sales
    • Cpq Solutions
  • How BIM helps in coordinating architectural and structural plans to resolve clashes Construction firms rely on enriched BIM models to achieve greater inter-disciplinary collaboration for efficient decisions as the success of a building construction project is assured when engineers, architects, contractors, and all the stakeholders are in coordination with each other.

    • BIM Coordination
    • Architectural Design
    • Structural Design
    • Clash Detection
  • We offer 2D cabinet drafting along with comprehensive 3D models for every type of cabinets for residential, offices and retail store needs. Just check it out the glimpse of wooden cupboard design for small space of bedroom. To know more about the cabinet drafting & design related queries? Contact us at Hi-Tech CADD Services.

    • Wooden Cupboard Design For Bedroom
    • Furniturdesign
  • Having an enthusiastic draftsman team who proficient in CAD drafting and detailing for millwork companies, furniture manufacturer, cabinet makers, woodworkers, and retailers. Hi-Tech CADD has delivered a lot of cabinet drafting & 3D models to the numerous giant manufacturing firms. Just look at the glimpse of 3d model cabinet.

    • Cabinet Drafting
    • Cabinet For Kitchen
    • 3d Cabinet Design
    • 3d Model Cabinet
  • BIM modeling is better way for quantity take-off & cost-estimation to controlling the cost, decrease the material waste and profitable to quantity surveyor & construction companies during the building development.

    • Bim Quantity Take Off
    • Bim Services
    • Costestimation
  • Outsourcing structural fabrication drawings is an important approach that can help to improvise prefabricated component drawings in building construction projects as well as fabricators, general & sub-contractors.Get into this.

    • Steel Detailing Services
    • Steel Detailing
    • Structural Fabrication Drawings
    • Fabrication Drawings
    • Building Constrcution
  • MEP consultants and MEP contractors face complex challenges on install MEP system without any errors and conflicts in building construction projects. Having expertise on Revit MEP modeling, MEP contractors help to clear disorder and visualizing design details and MEP documentation in a clear and crisp manner.

    • MEP Coordination
    • Mep
    • Clash Detection
    • Contractors
    • Construction
  • SolidWorks Vs Inventor: Comparison of Two Major 3D CAD Platforms SOLIDWORKS and Inventor both are equally capable to help engineers and designers to model complex industrial geometries. Here are listed some of the important features that can certainly differentiate these two leading CAD modeling software.

    • 3D CAD Modeling
    • Inventor
  • Step by Step Process of 2D CAD Drafting using AutoCAD and Revit. For more details:

    • 2D Drafting Services
    • Architectural Drafting
    • CAD Drafting Services
  • 2D Drawing to 3D Model To know the more benefits and importance of CAD conversion services, Let us know. We at Hi-Tech CADD Services have skilled CAD draftsmen who are enthusiastic to help with your project.

    • 2d Drawing To 3d Model
    • 2d To 3d Cad Conversion
    • Manufacturing Firms
    • Cad Conversion Services
  • Just, look at here, the sober kitchen sink cabinet design which appearances much good for any kitchen furniture.

    • Kitchen Sink Cabinet Design
    • Kitchen Millwork Drafting
    • Joinery Drawings
  • 3D furniture modeling is not limited to growing the business growth of the manufacturing industry, but it can also bring design concepts to photorealistic 3D architectural renderings and immersive visualization within the estimated time.

    • 3d Modeling
    • Furniture Modelin
    • 3d Visualization
    • Architectural 3d Modeling
    • Furniture Manufacturing Industry
  • BIM Modeling is playing a vital role and effectively functioning in entire building design and development phases such as pre-construction planning, construction management, and post-construction facilities management.

    • BIM Modeling
    • Preconstruction
    • Building Construction
    • 3d Model
    • Bim
  • Our expert Tekla steel detailers deliver end-to-end structural steel detailing solution for steel fabricators, general contractors, erectors, and engineering design consultant with all international standard. Embraces our steel detailing services here.

    • Construction
    • Steel
    • Fabrics
    • Contractors
    • Building
    • Building Design
    • Structure
  • How to Solve Woodwork Design Challenges with Autodesk Inventor Autodesk Inventor is a powerful 3D Design & 2D CAD Drafting tool for woodwork designs of furniture, millwork, cabinets & joineries. There is a number of benefits of Autodesk Inventor to the woodworking industry.

    • Autodesk Inventor
    • Woodwork CAD Drafting
    • Woodwork Drawings
    • Shop Drawings
  • How significantly locker cabinet useful for school, universities, corporate offices, private & public building residency? Not only limited to latter box but can use for the storage as well. Just look at here the 3D model of wooden locker cabinet drafted by a skilled team of Hi-Tech CADD. We are fluent in cabinet drafting and casework shop drawings for various industry and bespoke furniture products.

    • Wooden Locker Cabinet
    • Cabinet Drafting
    • Locker Cabinet
    • Casework Shop Drawing
  • CAD conversion is the easiest way to attract your customers whether you are product manufacturers or engineering firms. Tools like SolidWorks and AutoCAD help to convert 2D drawings into 3D models or can use for any format that suits the priorities and necessities of that product. Due to the pros and migration of legacy data creates an ideal solution for drafters as well as manufacturer.

    • Cad Conversion
    • 2d To 3d Cad
    • Cad Modelling
  • How desperately you need millwork drafting & drawings to fulfill the client requirement when it comes to the conceptual kitchen interior, whether it is a commercial purpose or custom design.

    • Millwork Drafting
    • Millwork Drawing
    • Kitchen Millwork Drawings
    • Furniture Manufacturer
  • A great feature of Revit family creation that contains libraries of readymade objects and can add native and customized building products according the requirements, also modify them with ease. Take visual glimpse here the benefits of Revit family creation for manufacturing firms. Want to learn more about BIM content & Revit family creation services? Visit;

    • Revit Family Creation
    • Bim Content Creation
    • Building Product Manufacturers
    • Manufacturers
  • At this time, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is not just limited to BIM but it is beyond than what we are thinking in upcoming days. In a future segment, with the collaboration of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) plus automation, AR/VR, robotics for building construction work & software like Revit can drastically help to change the future of AEC industry.

    • Bim
    • Bim Modeling
    • Construction
    • Building Design
    • Future Of Bim
    • AEC Industry
    • Revit
  • Our expert drafters and engineers deliver the detailed high-accuracy architectural CAD drafting services to design consultant and construction industry to across the World.

    • Architecture
    • Architect
    • Architecure
    • Drafting
    • Cad Drafting
    • 3d Drawings
    • Construction
    • Autocad
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